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The Big Curry Night In Partners with BANG! Curry

We are delighted to announce that the Big Curry Night In has partnered with BANG! Curry to give your cooking some Bangladeshi bang!

About BANG! Curry

BANG! are on a mission.

They want to bring the bold, brilliant flavours of Bangladeshi cooking to your kitchen.

At BANG! their motto is ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’. That’s why they've put three generations of home cooking into each flavour-filled kit. That’s why they only use the most lip-smacking natural ingredients. And that’s why they're all about inspiring people to take their curry kits and make them their own.

BANG! are all about proper Bangladeshi cooking. No cheats. No processed rubbish. No wallflower flavours.

Just a big, bold, brilliant way to make every meal go off with a bang.

Who are BANG! Curry?

Shelly Nuruzzaman is the woman behind BANG!

Growing up on Brick Lane, in the heart of London’s bright Bangladeshi community, Shelly was raised on her mother’s flavour-packed home cooking. It’s those well-loved dishes, cooked from the heart, that have fuelled BANG! right from the start.

Shelly is all about spreading the love for Bangladeshi food. So, along with her husband Mark, she’s put together her own authentic spice mixes and a simple, three-step way of cooking. Shelly is on a mission to get people across the country whipping up vibrant Bangladeshi flavours in their own kitchens, their way.

Looking after the planet.

BANG! are a family-run business and they believe in a sustainable future, so they do things that will help to protect it:

Proper produce.

-100% natural ingredients

-100% UK sourced

-SALSA standards for taste and quality

Responsible packaging.

-Only compostable plastic

-FSC graded card, all UK sourced

Like-minded partners.

-All BRC accredited

-Always working to their reduce carbon footprint

Find out more about Bang! Curry's amazing kits that mean you'll be making bolder, brighter dinners!

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