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Sonali Shah Joins The Big Curry Night In

The wonderful Sonali Shah has shown incredible support for the first ever Big Curry Night In and we wanted to take the time to say thank you!

With a fantastic career in presenting for BBC Newsround, BBC Sport and BBC News, Sonali set the bar high for celebrity participation in the Big Curry Night In!

Watch her video encouraging people to take part:

As well as this, Sonali shared some of the dishes that she and her family cooked together as part of their Big Curry Night In.

Check out this delicious looking saag paneer with peppers:

Then, on Thursday night the amazing Gymkhana Restaurant delivered a spicy feast to Sonali's door, leaving her and her family in a complete food coma! Hardly surprising when you see how much delicious food there was...

It all looks so tasty! A big thank you to Gymkhana for making Sonali's third Big Curry Night In such a success.

The biggest thanks of course goes to the fabulous Sonali for being such a great supporter of this initiative!

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