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In partnership with Mob Kitchen: Cauliflower & Chickpea Coconut Curry

Updated: May 26, 2020

Big Curry Night In have partnered with the wonderful Mob Kitchen to bring you some mouthwatering curry recipes.




600g of Chickpeas

2 Limes

2 teaspoons of Ground Coriander seeds

2 and a half teaspoons of Garam Masala

1 teaspoon of Turmeric

2 teaspoons of Cumin

1 Red Chilli

1 Cauliflower

1 Bunch of Coriander

1 400g can Coconut Milk

4 Tomatoes

2 Brown Onions

3 Cloves of Garlic

Big chunk of Ginger

Get cooking:

  1. Finely chop 2 onions and 3 cloves of garlic. Grate a big chunk of ginger. Throw everything into a pan with some oil and let it soften for 5 minutes over a medium heat.

  2. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 2 teaspoons of cumin, 2 teaspoons of ground coriander seeds and 2 and a half teaspoons of garam masala. Mix it all together.

  3. Break your cauliflower into little florets, and add that to the pan. Coat the cauliflower in the spices. Add a bit of water from the chickpea tin to loosen the curry.

  4. Finely chop 4 tomatoes and add these to the pan. Season everything with salt and pepper, and add 600g of chickpeas. Add a can of coconut milk, and mix everything together. Add a grated red chilli.

  5. Allow the curry to simmer away on a medium heat for 20 minutes, or until it is nicely thickened.

  6. Add a large handful of chopped coriander at the end, and squeeze over the juice of a lime. Enjoy!

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A huge thank you to Mob Kitchen for sharing their spicy creations with us. Check out more of their recipes:

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