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Big Curry Night In Live Cookalong with Atul Kochhar in Partnership With Diaspo

The Big Curry Night In is so excited to announce our live cookalong with Atul Kochhar in partnership with Diaspo.

Tune in this Sunday at 1pm BST as we join Atul Kochhar in his kitchen (virtually of course) to cook a delicious spicy chicken lahori.

Tickets are £10 each with all proceeds going to The British Asian Trust in support of families in South Asia worst affected by Covid19. There are only a limited number of spaces available so make sure you sign up now!

Register here.

About Diaspo:

Diaspo facilitates the exchange of authentic knowledge and skills between generations, starting with food and cooking. They offer intimate and interactive cooking classes online so you can hone your culinary skills from the comfort of your own kitchen.

How it works:

Choose your classes

Select your package and choose from a variety of family famous recipes our cooks have been making for the past 30+ years

Cook along live

In the comfort of your kitchen, cook step by step with your teacher and stop them with any questions

Experience & eat

Enjoy a social cooking class, leaving with the steps, stories, secrets and a scrumptious meal

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