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Baked Yoghurt from the Quilon kitchen!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Chef Sriram Aylur has shared this Baked Yoghurt recipe from the Quilon kitchen. This recipe is a great example of the light, fruity desserts that are popular in Indian cooking.


200 ml double cream

300 g greek yoghurt

100 ml condensed milk

75 g fresh orange juice

50 g mango puree

4 litchi chopped

15 pieces julienned orange skin

1 tablespoon sugar

12 ramekin bowls


1) Heat orange juice with 1tb spoon of sugar, reduce it to half and add Julian of orange skin simmer for 15 seconds and chill it.

2) Mix cream, yoghurt, and condense milk together and divide into three equal parts.

3) Mix one part each part with mango puree chopped lychee and reduced orange juice.

4) Pour the mixture separately in ramekin bowls.

5) Pre heat oven at 110 degrees celsius for 20 minutes and bake the mix for 50 seconds. Remove and chill them.

6) Garnish with mango slice litchi, and julienne of orange each.

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